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Teltonika FMB010

Positioning device installed into OBD2 diagnostic port.

The major advantage of such units is simplicity of installation. Anyone can plug the unit into a socket and thus there is no need for additional costs related to installation or dismantling.

OBD2 diagnostic port is available in all passenger cars and vans manufactured since 2004.

Depending on the vehicle, the unit may be also visible to the user. This is a minus, because the user can always remove the unit with a single move for any purpose.

In case of an event of removal of the unit, the system will send relevant alarm to the main user.

Usage possibilities

  • Plug and Play“ installation in passenger cars and vans, positioning in real time
  • Detection of ignition signal based on the on-board voltage of the vehicle
  • Alarm in case of supply voltage interruption
  • Fencing and geoalarms


Dimensions:50.7 x 49.6 x 25 mm
GSM and GPS:Built-in GSM and GPS aerials
Supply voltage:10V – 30V
Battery:Li-Polymer 170mAh
Updating:Update of equipment software and configuration over the network
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