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GPS trackingWe’ll help you keep your vehicle fleet and the fleet-related expenditure under control

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A highly versatile unit, which operation can be set, based on the specific needs of the client.Software of the unit can be flexibly adjusted. Various special solutions are available through options, such as registration of up to 8 different thermometer readings, registration of meter readings, indication of operating status of the vehicle, reading data from third systems etc.The unit has been used broadly in fuel monitoring, showing up high measurement precision and preventing losses with alarms.Bilateral communication with Garmin, identification of drivers, CAN interface, large number of inputs and outputs provide even more usage possibilities. Logs of major events and error codes enable to assess network failures after their occurrence and provide operative information for performing software updates.All this functionality is consolidated into elegant and durable aluminium profile casing.

Usage possibilities

  • Real time tracking
  • Smart data acquisition (based on time, angle, ignition and events)
  • Sending acquired data via GPRS
  • Internal data storage for 15000 records
  • Compatible with Garmin, two-way data exchange between drivers and office
  • Toggling device’s outputs
  • CAN data acquisition
  • Driver identification (1-Wire iButton ID key)
  • Reading RFID tags
  • Flexible widely configurable alarm device and immobilizer
  • FOTA (firmware updating via GPRS)
  • USB interface
  • Log book of error messages and communication
  • Internal rechargeable backup battery (10 hours)
  • Up to 3 fuel level sensors
  • Up to 8 digital thermometers
  • 8 rectangular geofence zones
  • Monitoring battery voltage
  • 7 digital inputs
  • 4 open drain outputs
  • Detecting and transmiting alarm events:
  1. fuel loss
  2. loss of main power supply
  3. empty battery
  4. entering/leaving geozone
  5. detecting temperature thresholds
  6. activation of a digital input


Processor:Atmel AT90CAN 128
GPS:Trimble Condor
GSM:Enfora Enabler IIIG
Memory:2MB SPI flash
Inputs:7 binary inputs
Outputs:4x mosfet
RTC:Automatic synchronization from GPS
Power supply::9-30V
Power consumption:36mA (standby, 12V on-board voltage)
Up to 150mA (communication mode, 12V on-board voltage)
18mA (standby, 24V on-board voltage)
Up to 60mA (communication mode, 24V on-board voltage)
Allowed temperature of the environment:-20°C...+55°C
Backup supply:LiIon 3.6V, 1300mAh
Material:Anodized aluminium profile
Interfaces:MCX GPS aerial socket
SMA GSM aerial socket
Microfit 24-pin interface – for connecting power supply, executing equipment, sensors etc


Thermometer TMP100

When it is necessary to monitor temperature of the environment or to receive an alarm, when the measured temperature reaches limit value.

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RFID, iButton, reader

Accessory set including one or several chips and their reader. Both iButton as well as RFID provide option for identification of drivers. The first operates with touch contact, the second is contact-free.

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Flash beacon

The accessory includes flash beacon as well as earphone. Light and sound indications activate upon alarm status of the unit in result of decrease of fuel level or activation of security sensor.

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RPM sensor

Study of data history including information about revolutions enables to understand, what was done during operating hours, and if everything was practical.

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Intended to issue an alarm, mainly in case of detection of fuel loss. Powerful and unpleasant sound causes striking effect upon activation, scaring the thief and drawing attention.

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Digital level sensor DDLS

The sensor is a metal rod, which measures the level when installed in the fuel tank. Upon installation, the sensor is cut into suitable dimensions so that 2-3 cm gap would remain to the bottom of the tank.

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Accessory for displaying operating status of vehicle. Keys are toggling, i.e. new press cancels the previous status. Each key has a related LED, which shows activation of the key. Light intensity of LEDs is adjustable.

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FMI adapter

Navigation terminal establishes bilateral data communication with map support between the driver and the office. Messages transmitted from the office are displayed on the display of Garmin and the driver can enter messages for the office on display. FMI adapter between the unit and Garmin makes such connection possible.

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