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With certain types of asset, GPS tracking just might trump taking out an insurance on the property. In certain cases, it might be useful to also monitor property even though it’s insured.

What types of property are we talking about? Your motorbike, lawnmower, light watercraft, boat engine, trailer, snowmobile, valuable tools, travel suitcase, etc.

Using a personal monitoring device, you can also make your location visible to your family – and vice versa. Sometimes, your family might need to know where exactly you’ve driven your ATV when you’re not answering your phone.

Imagine the relief and convenience of being able to confirm, with a few clicks of the mouse, that your property is exactly where it’s supposed to be.

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Our e-shop puts handy solutions at your fingertips to track your suitcase, goods in transit, construction tools, boat engine – or any other property. The gear is easy to set up and use and, when needed, simple to transfer to another item or site.

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Trackit – easy-to-use solution for property tracking

Trackit gear is small in size, waterproof and low-consumption. We also have mobile devices good for years of use before battery change, and devices equipped with a panic button.

Our e-shop is a convenient way of purchasing your tracking solution.

The gear can be set up by anyone. In case there is a problem, one of our partners will be ready to assist you. The setup only takes a minute. You simply create a user account on the Trackit site and register the number shown on the casing of your device to that account. In addition to location monitoring in real-time and through historical data, the Trackit solution alerts you when the tracked object is towed away, leaves a predefined map area or needs device battery replacement.

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