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About us

Important milestones

  • 1990 – Metrotec LLC is founded in Tallinn. The main business is design and production of automatics, signalisation and measuring equipment. We have designed calibration equipment for water and heating meters, the meters themselves and a variety of unique special-purpose measuring equipment.
  • 1999 – Metrotec begins to develop GSM/GPS security and remote control devices. Main emphasis is on the transport sector and we begin developing monitoring software.
  • 2001 – The production of first GSM/GPS telematics controller Voyager-2001 begins, enabling (amongst other things) remote remote software update via GSM data channel.
  • 2003 – Fuel level sensor for diesel fuel is designed and launched as addition to Voyager controller. Web based remote monitoring system F-Track is launched and Metrotec begins to offer monitoring service.
  • 2004 – A joint project with Estonian Rail begins. We monitor remotely the fuel consumption of locomotives to identify causes of excessive consumption. Beginning of real-time monitoring. Voyager-2005 is developed and launched, main improvement being data transmission via GPRS channel.
  • 2005 – At the initiative of security company “Securitas” a web based application is developed displaying the locations of entire vehicle fleet in real time.
  • 2007 – Half of Estonian Ambulance Services is equipped with Voyager devices. “Ambulance application” reflects the status of brigades, increasing availability and efficiency of use.
  • 2008 – Voyager-2008 CAN-bus version and real-time monitoring service in roaming networks are developed.
  • 2010 – Two-way communication between drivers and office. Voyager controller is interfaced with Garmin navigation terminals.
  • 2013 – A mobile monitoring application is developed for smartphones and tablets. RFID is integrated into Voyager controller.
  • 2014 – Extension of the tracking platform to support devices produced by Teltonika, A-Track, Queclink, Ruptela.
  • 2016 – Design of a booking system for shared-use vehicles and implementation of the booking system in Gotland. The opening of our e-shop. Ability to download data from digital tachograph and data storage.
  • 2017 – Integration of Securex key cabinet with the car booking system.
  • 2018 – Remotely controlled gas cannons. Developed a bird deterrent solution for Tallinn Airport’s ArcGIS platform.
  • 2019 – App designed for a car driver (or machine operator), electronic worksheet. Distributor agreement with Hornelectronics, distribution of ETS fuel sensors.
  • 2020 – Introduction of wireless BT4.0 sensors to measure temperature and humidity, identify objects or drivers, as well as for movements or to identify open/closed electric circuits.




Mobile communications. Thousands of well-functioning SIM cards, both domestically and abroad. Excellent coverage and customer support. A wide spectrum of services for both privat and business customers.



Installation and maintenance in Tartu.

Many years of activity in the field of car audio and multimedia with the best solutions for our customers.


A cheerful courier will take care of your parcel in Estonia and abroad. You parcel will arrive in time from terminal to terminal within a few hours. Your request for personal, comfortable and suitable additional service will find an answer.


GPS GARMIN official importer.

Boat engines, boats, marine electronics and other marine equipment.

Jet Express

Jet Express is one of the Nordic’s leading transport and logistics companies that provides its thousands of customers with a broad range of land and air transport facilities.


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